From Dirt Doctor Talks and Exhibitors

Soil Building for Increased Plant Growth Planting in Containers, Beds and Farms
Trees – Planting and Management Exposing Root Flares
Best Fertilizing Programs Insect Control
Garden and Landscape Disease Control Successful Weed Control
Making and Using Compost and Mulch Landscaping Design Tips
Growing Healthy Food Crops Irrigation Advice
Flea and Tip Control Mosquito Control
Organic Rose Program Edible Flowers Guide
Rose Rosette Cure Vegetable Gardening
Raised Garden Beds Rain Water Harvesting
Organic Lawn Care MORE

From Healthy by Nature Talks and Exhibitors

Bemer Therapy Brain Power and Balancing
Cancer Breakthroughs CBD Oil
Chiropractic Compounding Pharmacy
Detoxification Digestion
Energy Enhancement Far Infrared Sauna
Fungus Problems, Sources & Solutions Heavy Metal Screening
Herbal Therapies Holistic Dentistry
Magnetic Therapy Natural Skin Care
Probiotics and Fermented Foods Rejuvenation
Sleep Smarter Supplements
Stem Cells Thermography

8 speakers on the Exhibit Hall Stage. Topics will include optimizing health, organic gardening, safer home products and the environment. Names and times will be announced when confirmed. For example:

Howard Garrett is a national leader in the research, education, and promotion of natural organic practices. He provides state-of-the-art advice on natural organic gardening, landscaping, pet health, composting, pest control, and how to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. His website is:

TOPIC: Natural Organic Pest Control

By far, the most effective insect pest and disease control just happens to be organic. Howard Garrett discusses and shows how to protect and work with beneficial insects, as well as what natural organic pest control products to use in specific situations.

Bill Sardi is a nationally known and respected expert in nutrition, supplements and health. He is the author of a number of books and the well-researched, searchable and helpful website

TOPIC: Bill Sardi is always so much on the leading edge that it would not be useful to predict the title at this time. But, rest assured, whatever he discusses, it will be lifehanging.

Doug Kaufmann – Host of the internationally popular television show Know the Cause. He is also the author of many health books. In the past 8 Natural HealthFests he brought us cutting edge information.

Gus Kotsanis, MD – This integrative physician is always ahead of the curve and teaches other doctors natural ways to improve hard to treat conditions, even cancer.

Darcy Brunk, DC – Is an expert in regenerative medicine using stem cells (non-surgically derived) to regenerate knees, backs, shoulders and other physical problems.

Brenda Swartz – This dynamic lady is an expert in natural methods of effective skin care and is the founder and President of Body Dynamics.

Michael Einsohn, DC – Dr. Einsohn is an expert in natural medicine, an unique type of thermography, and a revolutionary screening method to catch imbalances early and prevent disease.

Phil Wilson – Long time specialist in natural health methods and equipment. Can tell us the benefits of far infrared saunas and how to find a good one.


An Exciting Menu of Choices

In addition to lectures by experts our exhibits provide an excellent way to test products and “audition” practitioners and service providers before scheduling appointments. Most exhibitors offer special savings and coupons. These exhibitors have been specially selected from a very long list. Even those who have been with us at previous events will be offering new ideas.

2018 Health, Home & Garden Expo​

Saturday, Sept 15, 2018, 9 to 5

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